This is a corset I made for a friend to wear to a Pirate Faire where period is a little vague. Very vague, actually. The Golden Age of Piracy was over by the 1750s and this is a full late-Victorian corset with bust gussets. But no matter! She wanted a simple, yet elegant corset that was comfortable and could be worn… elsewhere. This is not my pattern, but came from the excellent LaughingMoon Mercantile, whose research and pattern drafting skills I very much appreciate. The corset is made of a grey-blue dupioni silk that has copper threads running along the warp (or possibly the weft – I don’t recall). The overall effect is primarily grey-blue with glints of copper in the sun. The pirate lass, who shall remain nameless, was very pleased with the fit and support of the finished corset (which took two full mock-ups to get right). Never overlook the squish factor in corset making or wearing.



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