This is the first in a series of posts that will highlight wonderful designs, designers and aesthetics that we Rogues find inspiring.

One could argue that, to simply recreate a time period in clothing and accessory is unimaginative (which is one reason the Rogues love all the possibilities of Steampunk!). If you’re talking about the world of cutting edge fashion, you may be right, but if you’re talking about historical costume, that is the ultimate goal, and it’s not easy to pull off. In fashion you’re looking to give a nod or catch the flavor of an aesthetic in your own designs. In costume, you may be looking to recreate a historical period with modern materials and your success lies not only in good planing and execution, but in the details that give the look authenticity.

Lena Hosceck is Austrian fashion designer who creates a period look, while making it accessible for modern tastes.

My favorite photos of her designs take the aesthetic to the fullest measure with perfect settings, details and poses. These are a few of my favorites (I’m afraid I don’t have specific attribution for these photos, but I believe they are magazine shots of her Fall 2010 collection):

I love the almost bustled shape and cleverness of this skirt that may be worn two ways (images from Ms. Hosceck’s commercial website):


I am particularly fond of the rich fabrics and pallet of her 2010 fall collection, seen in images from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website:

Is Ms. Hosceck making cutting edge fashion? Opinions differ, but it is certain that she brings classic details and fabrics to the runway. The Rogues think the idea of a bit of history finding its way to the runway is pretty exciting.