I was over on Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing today and noticed a recent post about production line sewing and the joys of the rotary cutter and pattern weights. Excellent pieces of advise all (and a great blog)! I honestly had a hate/hate/love-the-results relationship with sewing until I discovered pattern weights and the idea of cutting everything at once.

When you have a tried and true pattern and the need for quantity and quality, shifting your entire process to working in multiples is a great way to improve efficiency and keep your brain sane.  Disorganization can turn the love of sewing  into the task of sewing, but if you prioritize your projects and take a step by step approach, your project can go back to feeling much more manageable and enjoyable.

There are times when even the pattern weights and a few well placed pins just don’t do the job of keeping that naughty fabric in shape and in place. For those tear-your-hair-out moments I highly suggest temporary spray adhesive. I was only half  joking when I once suggested that someone should make such a product and downright giddy when I discovered that someone had! There are several manufacturers, but the one that was recommended to me, which I find exactly as advertised is 505 Spray and Fix adhesive. There is very little smell (though do use it with adequate ventilation) and it holds well without staining fabric. (Note: I have only used it on natural fabrics). I’ve even go so far as  to spray adhesive my muslin pattern to the two fashion fabric pieces, cut them, then rip off the pattern, spray the pieces to their inter lining and sew them up. I do not use this method when attaching fronts to backs and there can be a sticky residue on the front, but that doesn’t seem to last. It doesn’t gum up needles, but it does gum up your machine foot (easily cleaned).

What tricks or tools have been your sewing life-savers?