If you have not yet happened upon DeviantArt, let this be your introduction to endless inspiration and imagination.

DeviantArt is a community of artists of all types and skill levels, though it is largely made up of digital media and photography, with a healthy dose of boobs and/or anime images with boobs. Categories range from traditional arts to textiles, literature, film and the aforementioned digital media fields. Some works are for viewing only, but some are for sale in print and some include links to sales of the physical items themselves.

DeviantArt has a pretty hefty group of Steampunk enthusiasts. You can find everything from jewelry to hats, images, concept art, gadgets, weaponry, costume, leather goods, etc. I am particularly impressed with these handmade wings by steampunk22. Any good find on this site makes checking out the individual’s body of work worthwhile.  This particular artist has been moding PS3 cases recently and they are quite beautiful.

Excuse me, I have to go get lost in DeviantArt.