Haunted Air, a book by Ossian Brown (previously of the band Coil, who did the darkest version of Tainted Love ever), showcases some of the creepiest Halloween costumes I’ve seen in a long time. Texas Chainsaw Massacre / The Hills Have Eyes / House on Haunted Hill creepy. The images date from 1875 to 1955. It’s amazing what can be done with limited materials and in an age before mass produced costumes, TV, and holiday marketing. Of course  TV and more sophisticated marketing were around in those later years, but people still thought differently about Halloween; it wasn’t a mass-market holiday.

The images shown in the original post (via BoingBoing) are largely about the masks. I’ve really loved masks ever sine I took a couple mask making classes quite a few years back. A mask can make or break a costume. It’s not only about the way the mask looks, but about how comfortable it is to wear, how heavy it is, and how well you can see out of it. I would hazard a guess that the creepy Haunted Air masks were pretty cumbersome, but I’d rather see trick-or-treaters wearing similar things than a pack of Power Ranger, Disney Princess and Spiderman look-a-likes. Though I wouldn’t want to run into  them in a dark alley.