This year, before we decided to go ahead and revisit our Steampunk Mad Hatter Tea Party, I was thinking about doing a mono-chromatic sort of black and white movie costume. I was thinking silent film star or Gorey character. Then I ran across this costume:

Dr. Who "Blink" angel costume via penwiper on

This is one of my favorite costumes – ever, I think. It makes extremely clever use of some pretty basic materials – fabric, yarn, a hula-hoop and paint – to recreate the nasty intentioned statues from the show. I was particularly impressed with the technique for the arms and hands. Penwiper used pantyhose to make attached hands/arms/upper body piece and painted them to look like stone. She achieves great looking individual fingers and didn’t need to paint her arms. This made the costume a lot more flexible (in terms of not having to worry about getting paint on things when she moved) and much more realistically stone-looking texture. This is a technique that I will definitely consider incorporating in to a future costume. Her process is detailed here.