It’s almost Halloween – Yipee!!!!!

This year we are having a Steampunk Mad Hatter Tea Party in my front yard, complete with Hatter, Hare, tea, croquet, coffee for adults, and revolting amounts of candy for the kids.

I decided to recycle the 2009 Steampunk costume I wore in New Orleans to be a sort of adult Alice, but the costume needed some adjustments/repairs. So far I’ve fixed my smooshed top hat and repaired the heel of my granny boots. Last time around I wore a bolero jacket that looks a lot like an Eton Jacket. I’ve had it for years and it fits me just fine when worn with a long sleeve shirt. Unfortunately I didn’t remember this when I made the sleeveless top for my costume and the jacket just feels too big without sleeves inside. I thought I was going to jerry-rig a fix by adding a collar, folding back part of the front and hiding it within the structure of said collar, but that ended up sounding like way too much effort with a not terribly satisfactory result. So a new jacket it is!

Bodice of Eton Jacket, in progress

Since I don’t have a lot of time I have to go with an existing pattern (Butterick B5232). Me being me, I find that I’m incapable of making a pattern as is, so I’m using parts of it and have reworked the arm holes (which means changing the sleeves), neckline, front shape, removed the darting, changed the ease, designed new cuffs, am adding the collar from a vintage pattern, not bothering to line it, and will be making bias trim to match the cuffs. Whew!

The original jacket was a black  jacquard fabric and I don’t have anything like that. Actually, I don’t have anything black but some very heavy wool, so I’ve resorted to “the gray” (S. and I once had almost 75 yards of this stuff and if I never see it again there will be no complaints), which almost matches the gray wool of my skirt. The cuffs and bias binding trim will be  the same black & white striped fabric as the flounce on the skirt.

Cuff parts, cut out

Finished cuffs, unattached

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