Please excuse the hiatus. We Rogues have been bashing our brains and sewing our fingers to the bone on some bridesmaid’s dresses that were more difficult than anticipated. But more on that when we get some decent photos.

Now for Steampunk!

Men of the Prada Steampunk Menswear Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

Prada is doing steampunk, perhaps inspired by the recent Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock films? This is the Prada 2012 Fall Menswear Campaign, featuring Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund, and Willem Dafoe (photographed by David Sims). I’m really enjoying pretty much everything the always excellent Gary Oldeman is wearing. All that’s missing are the goggles (though I do note some little round red sunglasses). Here’s the entire post and here are images from the runway show via