Today was a day of delightfully odd “fashions”. I can’t help but share:

Runway fashion is often about high concept pieces that are later tamed and translated to tamed (no alliteration intended) down to reasonable, every-day-wear garments. I can’t imagine how this would translate…


See the entire post and more images @ Laughing Squid

And here’s an odd, long rise pant for women that was available for sale, but is sold out. Will this one catch on?


Since I’ve been thinking about Halloween, and can’t wait to see the new version of Evil Dead (on which  Bruce Campbell is a producer and says is “definitely fabulous”), here’s a clever Evil Dead “Ash Dress”. More unrelated dresses within the post (image via BoingBoing).

ImageOne more Halloween-ie thing. Though not a costume per se, this is a very clever Venom character make-up from captainsarasparrow on DeviantArt: