victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

Image via RuffledBlog with many additional images here.

For your appreciation, a well done, quirky and unique steampunk wedding.

Themed weddings can feel odd and a bit awkward. Maybe that’s just someone from the outside looking in and not “getting” the people involved, but you have to agree that some are done better than others.

If you think about it, wedding clothes are a kind of costume. At what other events do you wear frivolous skirts, special high-heeled shoes, corsetry and spend a bunch of money to get your hair and make-up done just so? Perhaps some of you are thinking that you do some of that every day. Bravo to you. The world could use more daily hat-wearers and sporters of frock coats and monocles. OK, maybe not the monocles. But for most of us, playing dress-up is a special thing, whether it’s for a wedding, formal dance, new year’s party or reenactment. Why not toss out the typical white dress and matching bridesmaids for something more unique? After all, those traditions aren’t set in stone. The white dress didn’t become de riguor until Queen Victoria’s wedding. I like the idea of a truly unique wedding from the non-traditional clothes down to the little details. Please have a look at the entire blog post here with information and vendor contacts from the happy couple.

Should you happen to live in Australia, there is a company, Gallery Serpentine Boutique, that provides free planning services for your alternative steampunk wedding needs as well as costume pieces in the neo-Victorian-Gothic-circus range of clothing.