Tadashi Shoji Spring 2013 Runway

At first glance I thought I was seeing an orange and gold sort of Sari fabric dress. While that is an interesting idea, what I now think this is, is a beautiful and delicate lace with either white or gold fabric beneath (I can’t tell which with the lighting). After watching the video of his Spring 2013 runway show here, I’m still not entirely sure. There are several dresses that have good drape and movement, leading me to think that my second assumption is correct and the lace and lining are stitched together to behave as one piece (a bit like you’d do with with the fashion fabric and coutil layer of a corset), but the two babydoll style dresses at the 2-ish minute mark are obviously lace over a separate lining layer. Either way, the effect is beautiful and, as his website describes, the utmost in luxury.

As for the Downton influence I mentioned in the title, check out the dropped waistline. Very 1920s. In fact, the overall silhouette shows a 20s influence with the simplicity of the design, the neckline and little details like the pin-tuck detailing on the skirt.

The collection as a whole feels almost like one dress morphing into the next fluidly. The hem, necklines, waists, sleeves and silhouettes range pretty widely and even the fabrics, from that weighty drape feel to semi-translucent lace, bands of different fabrics, to more airy, water-dyed translucent silks, different laces, appliques, different fashion eras and cultural influences, returning finally to that first fabric that I liked so much. I still don’t know what it is, but I like it.