I love Halloween, so any year that I get to do more than one is awesome! In 2013, we did the usual Halloween set up, which means we had about 100 pounds of candy. Someone said 115 total. Yeah, we go all out. It was year two for Mad Science, but we couldn’t just duplicate the previous year. What fun would that be? Last time we did Steampunk Mad Science, this time we emphasized the Mad.


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We had body parts, organs, eyeballs, tons of home-made slime and edible fake blood. I’m happy to say I consumed more fake blood than candy. The center piece was a melting autopsy under one of those white pop-up tents with the white walls that you always see on cop shows to cordon off the victim, all wrapped up in caution tape.


The only real costume piece here (of mine) is my mad science lab coat. I’ll have to take an update pic so you can get the full effect. I took a store bought, below the knee length, lab coat and turned it around. I removed the collar, pockets and buttons and turned the button front opening into a center back seam. The original back had princess seaming for a female shape. I split one seam all the way up and then cut  diagonally to the neck. The hardest thing was finishing that raw edge and making it sturdy enough for buttons. The coat buttons from the neck to almost shoulder and down to the hip.

Next year… classic witches (think Macbeth). Now where do I get a cauldron big enough to hold 100+ pounds of candy a three year old?