Alter Years Pattern Multiple sizes Sm - XXlg

Alter Years Pattern
Multiple sizes Sm – XXlg


This summer, our guild recruited two fine young men to join us in our Renaissance Shenanigans.  As a result they both need a full costume. These costumes will consist of a shirt, jerkin, and trousers.

For the Jerkin I have a copy of the “Easy Peasants / Servants Jerkin”, by Alter Years Patterns. This is a basic pattern, and as the title implies, it is easy.

The pieces fit together well. There is no need to trim edges off, because the seam edges were off, or any other funny business. I find these flaws in many more commercial patterns. Once the pieces are all cut out and sewn together, it looks beautifully tailored and finished. P1020325

There is one thing to keep in mind. Make a mock up. For the two that I have recently finished, I skipped this step. As a result, they do not close all the way in the front. If I had taken the time to make a mock up, for the Medium size, I would have know that the front needed to be adjusted.


As you can see to the right the jerkin looks very nice, but it does not close in the front. I am debating on whether to make eyelets down the front. I still may, if I have the time before our next faire in July.



The pattern calls for two yard at the 45″ width fabric, or 1 yard at the 60″ width. I recommend doubling it. Lat year I used this same pattern for an XXL and only ordered the one yard of 60″ and was not able to cut the whole out of it. As I had ordered the fabric on line, I ordered 2 yards, the second time. This was enough to make the outer side of the garment.P1020319
The last piece of advise I would like to convey on this posting is, “Always read ALL of the instructions, prior to cutting your fabric.” Pattern makers do not always put the directions in the same order that we would. I do not always do this. I did not for this one, as I had made it last year. If I had, would not have had to rip the armhole seams to put in the Sleeve Caps. They are included as an optional addition, and the instructions for applying them to the garment, is the last step. which lead to me ripping out seams.
0605141636-02This was not all bad, mind you. After I had sewn in the shoulder caps, I hand stitched the lining to the underside to close the seams. This lead to hand stitching all the way around the arm hole, and around the sleeve cap. As I had already stitched the hem by hand, I went ahead and stitched around the front, from the base and around the neck and back down again.

I may have made these personal touches regardless, as anyone who has seen me work on a project knows I like to include them when ever I have the time. I will also add these touches when I need something to keep me occupied and out of trouble.