Christmas 2014 saw me doing exactly zero sewing. That’s not to say I didn’t work with fabric. I stretched my crocheting knowledge and stenciled designs on a pre-made napkin and pint glasses. Here are a few pics:

chevron scarf 1

Chevron Crochet Scarf. Double Crochet.

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chevron scarf 2

Chevron Crochet Scarf. Double Crochet.

waves scarf

Wave Pattern Crochet Scarf. A series of single, double and double crochet together stitches.

My non-fabric gifts involved something I’ve long wanted to be able to do at professional quality level – make stencils. There may be something charming about hand cutting a stencil, but I draw the line at fairly large and not terribly detailed stencils and definitely don’t want to hand cut anything with small text. I don’t have the patience to use a magnifying glass to cut bits out. Enter the Silhouette American Cameo Machine, which allows you to use digitized files to cut stencils from sticky-backed vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, etc, etc. I opted for the vinyl since I wanted great detail and was using fabric paint and etching cream. Had the designs been less detailed (on the fabric gift) I might have tried stencil plastic sheets. The biggest drawback of the vinyl was that it couldn’t be removed for reuse; removing it destroyed some of the smaller details. Each stencil was single use, meaning I could only make one of these napkins.

just as well design

The Just As Well design is a combination of borrowed and my own images. It originated with a brunch cocktail in the New Orleans’ restaurant Tableau this past October. The drink is a variation on an Old Fashioned which uses a unique Bitters (regional and seasonal Bitterman’s New England Spiced Cranberry Bitters), rosemary infused simple syrup and lemon juice. It only took two tries to get the recipe right. I even found the specific bourbon the restaurant uses and some classy 60’s silver rimmed coupe glasses to complete the gift.

Just As Well drink just as well gift package

The second design is also a combination of borrowed art and my own design. It’s a take on the classic Viking Urnes style art which often depicts stylized hounds and snakes. The hound came from Courtney Davis‘ Viking Tattoo Workbook and I added the snake. I did these in vinyl as well and used etching cream to make these awesome pint glasses.

viking design pint glass