I both like and dislike this apron.


It’s more size specific thanks to a shaped bodice. Now I highly dislike commercial pattern 5/8″ seam allowances. I really haven’t run into a time when I need that much seam. Most of my patterns are at 3/8″ or 1/2″ max. It’s a good size that easily allows you to iron seams open, but if you’re making something like straps you won’t need to trim the seams before you turn.

Basically I think that 5/8″ is excessive. So I was sewing along nicely at 3/8″ and realized that I needed to follow closer to this pattern due to it’s shape in the bodice, so I picked out my tiny bit of 3/8″ and went to 1/2″. I finished stitching and ironed open my seams, turned my fabric and damn – I needed to follow the pattern. The straps had excessive fabric on the bodice portion for the strap width. Grrr. Turn, re-sew, trim stupid fabric down, turn, iron. I’m done with this pattern. I do like the waist piece.

[Edited for stupid phone-auto-complete-errors]