So that’s how the do it… Interesting that washing can make the fabric stronger in some cases. I wish they’d elaborated.

Denim Fabric manufacturers

Bhaskar Denim Industries, the largest denim fabric manufacturer give the complete details of common steps done & followed in denim fabrics washing.

When denim comes out of the factory, it does not have any design or style in it. This denim is then dyed in order to give the desired color. After denim is dyed, it is known as Raw Denim. It is called Raw Denim because no washing has been done on it yet. Once the washing is done, it is called washed denim. Washing is done on Raw Denim to give it an aesthetical finish and to enhance its looks and strength. According to the type of washing, one can get a desired style out of the denim. Mostly the washing is done to give denim a faded and distressed look. There are two types of denim washing – Mechanical Washing and Chemical Washing.

  1. Mechanical Washing

As name…

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