I love inventive crochet and knitting. By now we’ve all seen the kids’ stocking cap with attached lumberjack beard and the very cool crocheted Viking helmets. Love them.

This mom has been tackling Halloween via crochet. First she made a full suit crochet Predator costume, which was great! As a child of the 80s her other creation holds a special place in my heart – and yeah, of course he glows! Check out Slimer!

It sort of reminds me of the inchworm costume I insisted my mom make me when I was about 5 (only cooler, sorry Mom). I’d totally be Slimer for Halloween.

Slimer! Via Crochetverse via boingboing.

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Happy almost Halloween!


More of the bad, the unfortunate, and the downright funny, this time in 80s women’s patterns.

See my previous post, Horror Stash part 1, or Bad Men’s 70s and 80s Sewing Patterns.

Say hello to a Cathleen Turner look alike in clothes that don’t fit at all. How does that shirt stay in place and not end up sliding off her shoulder? How much fabric is in those pants? And let’s not forget big hair.

The only good thing I have to say is that I could see this as the basis for an early teens dress. Note Robin bow at the waist. How sweet.

It does have pockets going for it.

Again, this could be used as the basis for some previous era garment. The way it is, however, it looks childish. That collar!

Speaking of childish… But it’s sorta cute as a romper. I hate rompers.

This is just one of several Little House on the Prarie-esque patterns I have. High necks, pouf sleeves and ruffles! Others remind me of Dynasty. Funny thing though, I think I can use that square bodice front for the 30s Beach Pajamas I’m working on.

This one is just sad and shapeless. I didn’t know they were making house dresses for younger women in the 80s. Looks half way OK with a belt. And there’s that hair again.

Here’s a bonus bad early 90s pattern. It’s just boring and shameless. The funny thing is that I somehow have 4 copies. And they came from two sources. I also have at least 5 other ones that are basically identical.

Next up, bad patterns of the 70s!

People know I sew, so I’ve become sort of a home for wayward patterns, notions (large metallic gold rickrack anyone?) and fabrics. I fully intended to give away most of the 100ish 60s, 70s and 80s patterns I acquired some time back. But then I got to looking at them and some have promising lines, interesting seams, are unique or just to darn funny to part with.

By request, here are a few of the “choice” patterns, menswear edition. I didn’t bother to specifically date them but they’re definitely 70 and 80s:

I’ve just got to lead with one of the most cringe-worthy. It’s really just the drawings… And Mr. Top Left there… The shirt is similar to a Peruvian shirt I have.

The open front with ties that don’t actually close the garment just kills me. And who would wear a short robe with slacks and loafers or a turtleneck? I rather like the hood.

Sweater vests for men are wrong. Ones that long are worse. With a belt. And the U neckline!

Check out Miami Vice in the front and is that the big bad vampire dad from Lost Boys in the back? Shoulders never needed to be that big and jackets that baggy.

I’ve also got quite a few cringe-worthy pajama patterns, including one with a short robe that reminds me of an old housemate and the incident with the curious, quick-pawed, cat…