Look what I just got!

Sugar Skulls for Ashley, Seahorses and Starfish, and Octopus and Sea Turtles

Seahorses and Starfish, Octopus and Sea Turtles and a cheater quilt with a third smaller scale fabric with seaweed

At some point I heard about Spoonflower and started occasionally designing my own fabric, mostly for holiday projects. Getting a Spoonflower package in the mail is always a great way to end the day! If you are unfamiliar, I suggest you check them out. They have thousands of unique designs available on a number of different fabrics and even wallpaper. Should you happen to purchase any of my designs I receive a designer percentage credit (and if you do, thank you!).

Sugar Skulls for Ashley is a variety of hot pinks and red on a pale pink background. I designed it for my friends Ashley, who is into dia de los muertos and loves pink. The face in the heart is basically her. Each framed face is about 2″ wide in this version, though I printed the sample at a smaller scale. This fabric will be a dirndil skirt.

There are three Sea Creatures fabrics designed to go together. They are intended for some baby items, so I wanted to keep them pale overall with the animals in navy blue. There are also pale blue, bright and pale green and a little bit of gray detail in the fabrics.

The main sea creatures item is a cheater quilt featuring groups of three to six continuous squares of each fabric. The back will be the version with the white background and I’ll be doing a wide boarder of the version with the sea stars, which is the brightest one. I’ve never made a quilt, so I figured a cheater version was the way to go, especially if I want to get it to my cousin before his son is no longer a baby!


Mini-Collection1  Mini-Collection2

I’ve just completed the 49th design for my 365-day creative challenge. So far I’ve come up with 2 sets (5 each) that could be coordinating designs, or as I like to think of them, coordinating fabric designs. So far I’ve gotten some pretty cool designs, even one or two that might prove useful. Come take a look at all my designs at The Daily Pattern!

I’m having a lot of fun with my 365 day challenge to create a pattern each day. So far I’ve done steampunk gears, mystery fruit, repeating eyes and sorta Celtic-looking medallions and more with fabric design in mind. Go check it out at my Daily Pattern blog. Comments welcome!



After my Christmas gift learning experience (yes, there really will be a post on that), I’ve decided I like stenciling and fabric design, but I need some interesting designs/stencils of my own. With that in mind, and wanting to set myself a challenge that is both a learning experiencing, challenging, and could lead to possible useful designs, I’ve started a 365 day challenge. My goal is to come up with a handful of designs that can be used as stencils or developed into printed fabric. That’s a design a day, every day, and a post for each design (though not necessarily a post a day – I might not have internet access some days). So if anyone is interested here’s my new blog, The Daily Pattern, and the website that inspired me, MakeSomething365.